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Sandwich Panel

Sandwich panels are a modular building material designed to cover buildings and structures. These panels consist of two layers that form the outer structure and ensure form, weather resistance and rigidity. They contain a core that provides thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

One of the most important features of polyurethane sandwich panels is their excellent insulation. The core of the plates gives it low thermal conductivity, that is, better insulation. For this reason, it is often used in the renovation of buildings, both on roofs and facades, and in the construction of industrial buildings.

Sandwich panels are manufactured and installed very quickly. For assembly, they are screwed to the structure and, depending on the finish, it can be with visible or concealed screws. This makes the construction time one of the shortest compared to other systems.

One of the most important advantages of sandwich panels as a construction element is the variety of shapes and finishes available on the market. There are all types of panels depending on the building for which it is designed. The finishes vary between rustic and modern, and we can find imitation wood or imitation tile panels among others.

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